Imaging & Scanning

Our industry-leading scanning software and equipment converts paper documents into digital images (electronic files) that can be stored on CD, DVD, or other media.

Through the use of document scanning, our clients can store vast amounts of data efficiently, easily access information for research purposes, and transport data as required with minimal effort.

Some of our Imaging and Scanning Services include:

  • Document Imaging and Scanning
  • Color Document Scanning
  • Medical Record Scanning
  • Document Coding
  • Electronic Data Discovery (EDD)
  • Blowback Printing
  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
  • Digital Printing
  • Forms Processing
  • Oversize Scanning Digital Color Scanning
  • eLabeling
  • Coding / Indexing
  • Logical Doc Determination (LDD)
  • Endorsing
  • Back File Conversion
  • X-Rays